Let me help you overshoot your goals in the right ways.

I'm Robin Yates, a hypnotherapist, practitioner and trainer. I help students and clients uncover and rewrite their underlying (and often hidden) beliefs, emotions and life patterns and expand out into what they truly want to experience.

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What I do

As a Practitioner, I was training in Hypnosis, NLP and Energy Clearing. I use a combination of these techniques to help my clients take charge of their subconscious patterns, habits and programming. It is absolutely possible to change your past and re-write your future. I have been training other practitioners and energy workers to be able to clear energy blockages of all kinds, and get certified as a practitioner.  — Robin

I Coach.

For many of my clients, a step by step, personalized approach to creating what they want is the fastest  and easiest way for them to get the life changing transformation they desire.

I Create Video.

In the current project, the Vibration Elevation YouTube channel, I pick an oracle or tarot card and I do an energy clearing based on the card.

I Teach.

I love teaching. I train energy practitioners to be proficient and successful. This is for all levels, from beginners to seasoned energetic practitioners and therapists.

I Consult.

There is just too much going on to try to do it all yourself. That’s where I can help. Using NLP, Hypnosis and energy clearing, we can find and eliminate the blocks & conflicts.

Need advice?

I have extensive training with hypnosis and addiction.

My secret weapon for energy blockages

If you work with clients, there is one tool that will help you overcome just about any curve ball thrown at you. When you are unsure if you’ve got what it takes to work with even the most difficult clients, this is the one that can save the day. It works on everyone, even yourself.

Client's Testimonials

I had never had hypnosis before and was very nervous about trying it. But, I had some issues that I needed help clearing and a friend had recommended Robin. I was so pleasantly surprised! I’ve been back to her several times since and will continue to go. I have seen marked improvements in the things I needed to clear and in general find myself more mindful and grounded than ever ” — Susan O, Redondo Beach CA

“ Robin’s compassion and kindness establishes an atmosphere of safety and security. With her assistance, this allowed me to explore areas of my past which I otherwise might have been unable to reach or too have been fearful to do so ” — Bob S, California

Robin has a natural talent for drawing out the root cause of what’s holding her client’s back and blocking them from what they want. She was able to help me pinpoint exact experiences from my past that led up to some of the blocks I was having around having fun in my business and charging clients for things that didn’t seem like work to me. I’ve worked with other coaches and healers addressing money blocks, but she was able to pinpoint the exact reasons I had them. Others just tried to clear around the general issue of money ” — Jaime, Business Coach, Dallas Texas

“ I feel so fortunate to have met Robin.  She spends the time to really listen to my concerns and is always spot on in her assessment of the underlying cause.  Once she has a deeper understanding she begins the hypnotherapy.  Each treatment builds upon itself and I always leave feeling more clear and peaceful.  I would absolutely recommend Robin for her kind nature and effective approach ” — Beth T, Redondo Beach

“ Robin has helped me transition in several areas of life, from active visualizations to navigating through difficult emotions. She has given me freedom and space to truly discover my authentic self in the journey of life ” — Rocko, Texas

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